Serious Sam: Next Encounter

Serious Sam: Next Encounter

Title: Serious Sam: Next Encounter

Title ID: SLUS-20907

Game Release: 2004-04-22

Publisher: Global Star Software

Languages: English

Console: Playstation 2 ( PS2 ISO)

Region: USA

Size: 739 MB

Image Format: ISO/CHD

Genre: First Person Shooter


Serious Sam: Next Encounter is a first-person shooter.The player, controlling Sam “Serious” Stone, traverses enclosed levels frequently composed of narrow corridors and open areas.There are forty-two levels, distributed among three thematic worlds.In each level, the player encounters various enemies, of which some use melee and others fire projectiles at Sam.Foes are teleported into a room and can approach from any side.The player often needs to clear a room of one or more waves of enemies before proceeding to the next room.In other instances, multiple objects need to be collected and inserted into pre-determined slots to unlock the way forward.The game also features some platforming elements and secrets hidden within levels.

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